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“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher” is what William Wordsworth has preached to us. We all have places that we can feel at home with. For some, it is a trip to the east coast or the Spice Islands. A place where we can be ourselves and not have to worry about anything else that is going on in our lives. My special place is in the Big Horn Mountains where tons of different species of animals roam the cliffs, plains, and forests that are scattered for miles across. In “Tintern Abbey,” William Wordsworth has returned there after five long years away. He brings his younger sister whom he wants to appreciate the beauty just as he does. Wordsworth notices how certain things have changed, but it is still the same place that he came to love. Wordsworth is a Romantic poet. He helped start the Romantic Movement around the end of the eighteenth century. In William Wordsworth poem, “Tintern Abbey,” there are three noticeable romantic elements which are, simplicity of language, expression of intensified feelings, and responses to nature that lead to awareness of self.
In “Tintern Abbey,” by William Wordsworth, there is a lot of simplified or direct language that is used. Before Romanticism took over, a lot of the poets “rejected the ornate language that characterized the poetry of the earlier eras” (Schafer). People in today’s modern world use simplified language when we write and speak to each other. These days, we don’t like to complicate things. Our brain power is decreasing very slowly until we all go extinct. That is a very pessimistic view to take, but in other words, we don’t often use big words to explain something. Wordsworth in “Tintern Abbey” does the same thing. For example William says, “Five years ...

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...rict of England. Wordsworth would always say, "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."

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