Romance Movies Essay

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There are many ideas in this world that you can turn into separate categories. Examples are types of teachers, types of books, and more. In this essay the reader will be able to learn the differences between three types of movies. These types of movies include, romance, horror, and comedy. Now, there are many upon many romance movies but how do we distinguish them from one another? Is it the sex scenes, the lovey dovey affections we see between the characters? We cannot know for sure. Horror movies are downright the best (just kidding, people prefer other types rather than horror), yet again, how do we distinguish these movies from others? Blood and gore? Or simply a mental beat up that the audience gets? Finally, it’s the same way with comedy…show more content…
Romance movies have this weird love that goes on in them. Some characteristics include; sex scenes, lovey dovey affection, hate (sometimes) that ends up in love, marriages, divorces, new found love, and really anything that can happen between a man and female, female and female, man and man, whichever someone prefers. Romance movies are often seen as “chick flicks” while some may agree, others disagree. The ONLY reason they are considered “chick flicks” is because it’s a romance and theirs sappy love. There is no real evidence of it being labeled as a “chicks only flick”, men actually prefer to watch some of those movies. It doesn’t make them weak, homosexual acting, a pansy, or anything else men might call other men. Romance movies and novels are highly bought in stores. Who knows? It may be bought by your future husband or wife. And, since this paper is describing the differences, parents might look at this and decide whether or not to show the kids these types of…show more content…
No joke. Some might disagree because of all the blood and gore, the mentally beating up or anything gross. Some characteristics are; blood and gore, gross scenes, death, some sex scenes, a lot more death, a twist usually at the end, foreshadowing to who or what the killer is, mentally and physically torturing, and violence. See? Horror movies don’t sound so bad, right? Honestly, there are so many types of horror movies out there some on netflix are considered thrillers but I think not. All horror movies have this awful suspense that makes you want to vomit because the suspense is real and scary. A couple of scary movies that recently came out are, “The Conjuring 2 and Don’t Breathe,” some movies can be realistic as in based on true events. Some people might consider Jaws to be a horror movies because of all the blood and people have fears of sharks. Horror movies have something about them that make a person want to watch more and dig deeper to find the ultimate horror movies. Like the ones with based on true events but have a lot of blood and gore to them. Makes people wonder if it actually did happen that way and if there was that amount of blood and gore. Horror movies and romance movies are on a totally different universe that should never come
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