Roman Sports

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Roman Sports I chose Roman sport because there are many Roman sports all of which are very interesting. For example chariot racing a violent but exciting sport. From the name you would imagine a horse and chariot going round and round a course but it was more than that : they rammed each other hoping to smash the other racer's chariot. In each lap you never knew what might happen. I also chose roman sport because I think gladiatorial fights would have been amazing to see and I know quite a lot of information on them. Due to my interests in the fights I have watched many documentaries and read many books on them. The sports I will write about are gladiatorial fights and chariot racing. In both I will be discussing the rewards, the dangers, which people were involved, the many different participants, the equipment involved and the popularity of each. I will also compare them to modern sports. Chariot racing Stadium Chariot races were held in places called circuses which they were called because of their oval shape. The Circus Maximus was one of the biggest. The building was by the time of Emperor Augustus 620 metres long and 140 to 150 metres at its widest point. The fact that it was built in a valley stretching between two hills gives you an idea of its size. At first there were no buildings, just a rough sandy track with provisional markers. The viewers of the races had to sit on the hills on each side of the track. Eventually as popularity rose they developed it into a larger venue as can be seen today. It could seat approximately 150 000 viewers while modern racing venues can support up to 300 000 sp... ... middle of paper ... ...a gladiator because many civilians joined just so they could become famous in Rome. There is a lot of graffiti in Rome saying how much they liked certain warriors and there is lots of writing from girls who are writing about their heartthrobs. In modern times we have boxing matches and wrestling matches which are both less violent than gladiator fights but shows that sports with violence are still popular although people don't like to think so. Conclusion I have found out a lot of things I didn’t know: for example that there were another seven types of gladiator I had never heard of before as only recently has evidence of their existence been found, how fanatical people could get about the sports and how many animals were killed in total. I have found writing this to be more interesting than I had expected.
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