Roman Architecture

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scenes his structures communicated what he was doing and what society believed in. Hadrian would do things, promote them heavily, and it is represented through the visual language of his buildings . Depictions of famous historical scenes, sculptures of his generous self, and simply actions like these encouraged the growth of community and as a whole work to bring all of society closer together.
The architecture of the Pantheon is a distinct trademark of imperial architecture influence . Though designed and remodeled in stages, this Architectural structure referring to the Imperial style yet it is unique in the sense in that it blends together other aspects of design. The Pantheon is a sacred space for everybody, and its size and scale has made it one of the most influential structures left from ancient Rome. Theories say that this structures purpose intended to be a temple to all the gods. The circular nature is like that of the Knights of the Round Table to illustrate the balance of power that structural organization conveys. The building, especially the dome is architecturally revolutionary in regard to the time period. The fact that is still standing shows the romans skill and expertise in designing by creating an atmosphere that couldn’t possibly be constructed. This work of art is an indication for the type of culture and control that was taking place during the ages of the Roman Empire. The romans appreciate what the Empire has doing for its state. They recognize the cultural and societal value of conquering other regions . When these ideas become applied to the physical architecture of the community it progresses the culture. Society benefits because the designs and inset sculptures evoke the feelings of triumph and succe...

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... people, like that of the computer and cellphone. Reading the visual language off the structures in the Roman Empire provided one with awareness of the times and gave society information . Looking upon the ancient civilization now, we only can only recognize their creative nature as sophisticated art and design able to facilitate life culture and social platforms. Their network provided an array of different structures that helped establish and maintain the diversity in the Roman society. Rome and its provinces structurally were visual representations of the societies beliefs, values and tensions. Through its architecture the Empire demonstrated a vast cultural heritage and this means of communication helped to link everything in the society together. Rome was able to maintain a sense of order throughout the Empire with its vision to create a distinctive urban form.
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