Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D Taylor

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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D Taylor How does Mildred D Taylor show the ways in which black people could deal with racism and injustice in the south? ‘Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry’ is a novel were you can see how people feel, react and deal with racism. It is a novel which ventures on how hatred, humiliation and degradation fill in the gap between the two races that are separate from each other, the races of the black and white. Mildred D Taylor is an American children’s writer. She was born in Jackson, Mississippi, a place she later called “a segregated city in a segregated state in a segregated America”. In the first weeks of her life, her parents, spurred by incidents of racial violence in the south, moved to Toledo, Ohio. Later on in 1975 her best-known work Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry appeared. It is narrated by nine year old, Cassie Logan, and charts the Logan’s struggle to survive the racism and injustices of Mississippi in the 1930s. It is set in the deep south of America, which was an extremely, racially prejudiced vicinity at that time. Black people had been brought over as slaves, and even after they had been freed, they were still racially abused. In Roll of Thunder the black have separate schools from the white, the black had no buses, they couldn’t own any shops, and they had to work hard for very little money. They were abused seriously by the white, and had no rights over the white people. This is a story were racism is taken as far as burning the Berry’s alive. A nine year old girl named Cassie tells the story as she grows up, Cassie learns the truth of a bitter situation and the inner strengt... ... middle of paper ... ...ealised that she can fight against her rights in secret, and by cleverly planned conduct she gains revenge. On the other hand “T.J’s face was totally blank, as if nothing at all happened.” This is the kind of person T.J. is, he ignores racism. When the Mr Barnett ignores him and Cassie, it doesn’t matter that racism is going on and he was being ignored because he was black, he just ignored it. T.J. is also a person who can be easily manipulated and someone who likes to show-off. This happens when he goes to church and takes R.W. Melvin with him. His "friendship" with the older, white Simms brothers leads him to commit a crime and ultimately come close to being hanged by a mob. He is the catalyst for an eruption of racial tension and at the end will most likely be sent to a chain gang for a murder the Simms committed.
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