Roles Of Women In The Great Gatsby

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F.Scott Fitzgerald infamous novel “The Great Gatsby” set in the roaring twenties focuses to the life of strong powerful men such as Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan, However it shows a few different women: Daisy Buchanan, Jordan baker and Myrtle Wilson,These women live completely different life styles. Daisy a “golden girl” Who is confused about what she wants out of life and right next to her on the social ladder, is Jordan baker a successful golfer. On the other hand, lower on the social ladder is Myrtle, who is having an affair with Tom, Daisy's husband. While each woman in the novel has her own distinguishing characteristics, all of the women are shown to be as subordinate to men and deceitful people. The first female character introduced in the novel is Daisy Buchanan the she is also the golden girl that many men lusted after,who is married to Tom Buchanan and cousin to Nick carraway who narrates the novel. Fitzgerald creates Daisy’s character to be presented as innocent, pure and charming lady, and as the story is being told, her true colours are exposed, despite her beauty and charm, Daisy is …show more content…

Daisy is a weak female character, who depends on wealthy men who would offer her safe haven. According to Nick Carraway Daisy” wanted her life shaped now, immediately— and the decision must be made by some force—of love, of money, of unquestionable practicality…” (Fitzgerald,161). The quote proves to us how daisy uses men that she will be able to depend on emotionally and materialistically.In the novel daisy plays the role of the stereotypical housewife; who treats her husband respectfully and is obedient towards him, with that being said Daisy is not the brightest female but she is smart enough to know to survive in a patriarchal society. Many people started to

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