Roles Of The Holy Spirit

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ROLES OF THE HOLY SPIRIT FROM THE BOOKS OF LUKE AND ACTS Mark made a strong case for Luke and Acts being a joint work which focuses on the work of the Spirit in the life of Christ and then in the Christian. It is striking how many times Luke reports on the work of the Spirit. The structure behind Driscoll’s talk was to point out all the different things that the Holy Spirit does. We are to be filled with the Spirit also, and to love the Spirit “Filled with the Holy Spirit even from his mother’s womb.” (Luke 1) The angel said to Mary, “The Holy Spirit will overshadow . . .” A virgin gives birth. The Spirit prepares the coming of Jesus, works in the ministry of Jesus, and continues to work in the Church. Spirit-filled ministry includes prayer. When Mary met Elizabeth it says that her baby was filled with the Spirit. “The baby leaped for joy.” Elizabeth then prays gratefully, and also blesses Mary. Spirit-filled ministry includes prophecy. Zechariah was Spirit-filled and prophesied. Later, when the shepherds were in the fields and the angel came, they were filled with fear, and good news came. The news was revealed to them. Here is a Savior, Christ the Lord—which actually means one who is anointed by God the Holy Spirit. When Jesus was brought to the temple as a baby, more prophetic revelation came. One of the ministries of Jesus is to baptize us with the Holy Spirit and fire for mission. Luke 3:15 — “Baptize with the Holy Spirit.” There was also a division that came. Jesus inspires wonder and worship and also opposition. When the Spirit is in your midst, there is conflict and division. There are seasons of conflict. People get blown away. At Jesus’ baptism the heavens opened and the Spirit descended on him like a dove. This is one... ... middle of paper ... ...ote the book of Acts, he talk about the holy spirit in Acts 2, how a Spirit-anointed Jesus, anointed the Church, and He wants us to do the works of Jesus. We must connect Acts with Luke. We are part of the ministry of Jesus doing anointed work by the power of the Spirit — the same one who raised Jesus from the dead. It’s not just Word and sacrament rather it is the work of the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit the Church does not exist “They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to talk in other languages, as the Spirit enabled them to speak”(Acts 2:4). Holy Spirit longs, desires, wills to anoint us for the glory of Jesus to live like him, for him, and to him as a missionary to the ends of the earth! Luke writing remind us important is the holy Spirit led, justified, and compelled. Jesus has a passion for the earth, and everything’s in that he made.

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