Roles Of Project Co And Project Manager

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The roles of project sponsor and project manager are both vital to the success of a project. Assuming these roles within a major corporation is a huge task and can takes the use of certain strategies to complete projects successfully. During most projects it is custom for the project manager to work closely with the project sponsor from start to finish. When each individual understands what their role in the project is, and the other’s role, they can then easily work together to ensure a smooth completion is successful. This paper will cover three strategies that a sponsor can use to help ensure project success, and also three strategies that a project manager can use to help ensure project success. I will describe how the strategies are used by both positions and why they are important. A project sponsor is typically an individual from senior management, and they usually also tend to have a significant amount at stake when it comes to the terms of success or failure. The project sponsor can also be the one who is responsible for identifying the need of the project to solve a problem or opportunity for the business. A sponsor is able to handle issues that project managers are not, such as political issues, ensuring the viability of the project, and any other issues outside of a project manager’s control. “They can help you when you don’t have the connections or the clout to make things happen” (Heerkens, 2002). The project sponsor should also act as a mentor and advisor to the project manager, help in assisting with resource assignments and reassignments, and make certain approvals and decisions regarding the project. The best kind of sponsor will allow time in their schedules to be available to the project manager while encourag... ... middle of paper ... ... most in terms of must haves to get the project completed. Every project executed can be different because you can never foresee exactly what issues may arise. However, even though projects can be different there are factors that will always be same with all of them. They take strong project sponsors and project managers to get the job done alongside their project team. Project sponsors and project managers have strategies they use to make sure projects get completed successfully. This paper has gone over a few strategies used by project sponsors and a few strategies used by project managers. While reviewing the strategies their importance to the success of a project was pointed out. The strategies may evolve with the different objectives and details included in the different projects carried out, but they will always remain a vital part of ensuring project success.
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