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Fast food got its start on remarkable route in California where the Mc Donald brothers opened the first restaurant in 1948. Today, fast food has become very popular because of the delicious taste and the low-priced. Many families in the United States don’t have time to dined together due to a busy modern lifestyle. In 2004, Americans spent $148.6 billion on fast food (Min, 2013). In past 3 decades, foods that sold at the fast food restaurants are often of low nutritional quality, but recent fast food restaurants try to develop the healthfulness of their menus and offering healthful food to consumers. Regarding the fast food history, it appears that fast food has begun in 1948. Ritter, (2013) reviewed how fast food restaurant begin in…show more content…
Furthermore, approximately 40% of high school children consume fast food on a typical day. The foods that sold at fast food restaurants are usually are very low quality in nutrition and numerous intake of fast food has been associated with less healthy dietary among children and adults. Their study has consistently found progressive associations between excess weight, weight increase, and fast food intake. In the past decade, the public discussion about the role of fast food in American diet has been an…show more content…
Some believe that there in not a large demand for more such food and that offering new or modified options could consequence in a loss of profit. They believe that consumers could benefit by being aware of the reasonably limited revolutions in the energy content of fast food offerings though efforts by the industry to promote more healthful choices. As consequences from the current study, these can help consumers with the standard of the benchmark changes in fast food, also can examines the greater understanding of whether advantage that primarily aim to inform consumers can also change industry performs. Thus, the pressure and rule directed concerning about the fast food industry to improve the healthfulness of the fast food restaurants plays the role of fast food

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