Roles Of Community Oriented Policing

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Community Oriented Policing has always been a topic that comes up in the Criminal Justice Department time after time. There are always ways to improve the traditions of the community and the officers not respecting each other. Community-Oriented Policing is based around relationships. Community police supports the use of partnerships and problem-solving methods in order to give a statement regarding the rise of public safety, dealing with crime, community ordinance, and fear of crime. In community-oriented policing the following are all assigned roles in order to increase their relationships: community, police, and chief of police. All have different assignments and tasks they should follow to assure that they are making efforts to gain trust…show more content…
Every officer needs to be supportive of the program or it is destined to fail. The role of police can vary, from promoting the development of community organizations and assembling the organizations in problem solving and community building activities. The role of police is traditional known for enforcing the laws, which aim to making good arrests and having a high success rate for prosecution of criminals, and are involved in other maintenance activities, such as maintaining social order and are active in the community. For example, officers can have conversations with citizens of the community and get their perspective of what is working and what needs help. The last thing that is on their agenda is issuing an arrest. The primary role of the police is the protect and serve the community. In order for them to do this they need to become a leader in the community, for example, having a voice to stand up for what they believe is right and not fall under the pressure of corruption. If this is done the community will change the perspective of the police and there for become partners with each other and are no longer seen as being at the bottom of the police hierarchy. All actions should overall change the negative perception of the…show more content…
The prevention of crime is more dependent on the role of the community. When criminal activity is happening inside a neighborhood, it would hard for the police to investigate these crimes if the community steps forward to inform them. It’s found the cities have experienced difficulty for the community to step forward and be involved with the police. The community and the police have a history of the two not getting along, the citizens may fear that their involvement could lead to more police could generate new conflicts between them (harassment, discriminative searches etc.…). For example, a study in Chicago revealed that Hispanics and African-Americans were three times more likely to expect the police were impolite and twice as likely to think they were treated unfairly compared to Caucasians. The study concluded that Hispanics (35%), African-America (25%), and Caucasians (15%), felt police were not even concerned about the problems within the community. Low-income in relation with high crime areas tend to lack the organizational infrastructure needed in-order to get people engaged. The role of the community at this point, need to develop a relationship with the police, and attend community meetings to speak out on what are
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