Role of Environment to Development of Personality

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Conclusion Environment has a big impact in the development of personality. One of those is the home or the family. Home or the family has a big influence in personality development because throughout the childhood until adolescence, growing with family is establishing the foundation of a future personality. The family teaches a lot of things in the individual, such as writing, or reading. Home, where the children practice their social skills by communicating with the members of the family and how they respond with the children. School also affect the personality of the individual because there’s a lot of different kind of persons with different personalities that an individual can meet in school. School with different activities for the students can shape their personality for the future; they will likely become confident with themselves. In contrast, negative background in school will also affect the personality negatively. The culture can somehow influence the personality development. The culture influence the way an individual grows up. Margaret Mead, an anthropologist who studied the effect of culture in personality, established an experiment. Mead studied the two tribes in Papua New Guinea. The two tribes shared the same race but they have different culture. The one tribe is more matriarchal (a woman who rules clan, or tribe) and pacifist society, and the other is a patriarchal and violent society. Mead observed the differences of the two tribes and she also compared the tribe’s culture to other culture that she already studied. The tribe with matriarchal governance, the female is more dominant, impersonal, and managerial and the male are less responsible and more emotionally dependent. In contrast, in tribe with patriarchal ... ... middle of paper ... ...e personality. In fact, many study shows that twins that are having a similarity in personality. According to Alfred Adler, a theorist, birth order also effect on how the personality develops. Experiences also play a role in shaping the personality. If the individual was rejected and was abused, it can lead to the person to have a negative personality. While the person who was treated nice and feeling loved, the person will likely have a positive personality. Parenting style is also important in shaping the personality. When an infant or a child satisfied by his parents and developed an attachment to them, this child will have a positive personality. In contrast, children that were rejected and didn’t feel loved, they will have a negative personality. Every individual are the same but what makes us unique is our personality. We can’t change it instead it changes us.

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