Role of Communication in Business

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Understanding the communication process in managerial position is very important. It guides the communicator in conveying the right message to the right recipient. The mode of communication determines the content of information channelled, and where the managers feel that the information is urgent; they will opt for the right means of communicating. According to the case study in consideration, effective communication leads to positive outcomes from the employees work. It boosts the loyalty displayed by workers towards their work positions and enhances transparency and freedom of expression.

Communication process ensures information conveyed is complete and eradicates loss of meaning and misinterpretation from the information source to the end recipient. This process is said to reduce employee stress and sees to it commitment of the employees. Quality information exchange motivates employees to work hard and empowers them to make decisions on their own. Communication also develops high performance work system in a business environment.

Communication on the other hand facilitates interactions among the members of acquiring and acquired firms. Some interactions help employees learn from others and share their experiences relieving them from their immediate pressures. Through intercommunication with other managers and top officials in a given company, managers are able to assess and understand how to handle their employees through evaluation of sectors that are reproductive. They are able to acquire data from other departments through communication and act upon the data in a way that is likely to set the climate for assurance from the employees. This assurance contributes to organisation effectiveness and job satisfaction amon...

... middle of paper ... well done. In overall evaluation of appreciating employees, incentives add value to one’s job, aggravating the employees to work extra hard hence contributing to organizational effectiveness.

Through incentives, the company expects employees to be productive; more so, encourage employees to maximize their efficiency. They offer economic benefits to the employees and in return expect god performance. The executive put promises to employees who in turn reciprocate assurance of positive feedback and hence concentrate on more performance. This strategy keeps on rolling forward the productivity of a company resulting to excellent performance in overall business.

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