Role Of Women In A Rose For Emily

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In William Faulkner’s, A Rose for Emily it was apparent that, the main character, Emily had some issues with control, her father, and stability. Throughout the story Emily is displayed as a beautiful woman, but has mental issues. I strongly believe that Emily’s issues throughout the story were happening because of her troubled adolescence with her father. A Rose for Emily showed the fact that men are too controlling over woman and that leads them to have a weak mentality. I think that this story is a reflection of how some women’s mentalities are damaged by men, within different cultural traditions, the objectifying of women, and the injustice of gender. In many cultures they teach their children, particularly boys, are taught that it is not right to hit a girl or lay their hands on a girl. This was…show more content…
For example, jobs having to do with tools, or things of such nature, most employers tend to want to hire more males than females. The same thing happens even if a man and a woman work the same job a man gets paid more. In the article, Gender inequality: Empowering women, it is said that, “Gender pay gap, gender wage gap, male-female income difference, and gender earnings gap are various terms used to describe the statistical difference in the average yearly income between males and females.” This shows how even now some jobs have a gap within the wages just by gender. This is all detrimental to a woman’s state of mind, a human being is less likely to want to work when he or she knows there will be an injustice and there is nothing they can do about it. Just as in A Rose for Emily, when she became mentally ill because of the damage dealt by her father. We can see all these are forms in which women have mental issues due to the damage done by men. Emily is just a symbolic figure, symbolizing the lives and mentality of women across the
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