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In the 1800’s cars were not popular as they are today. As far as its intended purpose has not changed. The train, horse, and bike are other common forms of transportation with similar intended purpose as the car. The differences in transportation became very evident throughout the years. When thinking of trains you think more along the lines of transporting huge loads of resources or people from one location to another usually in the same region. When you think of bikes you think of morning rides along the park, or short trips around the city. When you think of busses you think of transportation to places close to where you are that are too far to walk and to far to ride your bike to. When people think of cars you may think more
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The style and value of the car had slightly developed leading to an increase in the usefulness of the car. This topic is worthy of study because there are many teens that want a car today, but don’t understand the hassle of maintaining a car. Cars are not the only available and reliable form of transportation. We just desire the car over all other forms of transportation. It was just a desire then as well too. It was nothing more or nothing less than a desire. Every man desired to have a better car than the person next door to them. It was a competition. It is a piece of material that grew to the heart of…show more content…
The urban housewife of 1925 who could do well without a car was transformed into the suburban housewife of 1960 who required a car to do all her shopping or to pick up the kids after school.
The production of cars increased over time. The want for a car as well due to the technological advances of the car. Cars also have impacted society and the environment. Is it truly necessary for everyone to get a car? No because the more cars the more harm to the environment. We should go back to using the less common ways of transportation such as biking, walking, and taking the bus. By doing this the result would be a better and healthier environment. This is our world so we should be concerned and take care of it the best of our

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