Role Of Tourism In Tourism

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In tourism industry, transportation takes a central position and the development of transport system has result a major expansion in tourism industry. Transport system is important for contribution to the national economy is very often held up as an end in itself. Transports consider as public utility and it is important element for the stability of the economy. All kind of transport such as rail, road, water and air has a high tourist demand for many transport companies not only for human but for goods also. Tourist also will consider the transport charge as their expenditure and therefore it is important for the transport companies to limiting the expenditure of the tourist trade.
Normally, passengers who use public transport are not only
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An increasing group of passengers still want to adequate the service with certain for whom the price of transport could be varied because they must want it to. Required a cheap mass travel for the tremendous number of person who need to travel on holiday in order to get a relatively distant destination. The attraction of travelling for holiday can increase when the more narrowing fares are introducing the greater the miscellany. The more money will eventually flow into the tourist organization when the wider the holiday industry can offer it. The greater the consumers want to travel, when the distance between the resort and the place of residence is near. The development of tourism cannot take place without transport service. Therefore, whenever traffic can be divided into essential users and tourist traffic, holidaymakers and tourist should be dumped on surplus capacity at substantially reduced fares.
Both nationally and internationally must be recognized by tourist trade as a great economic and social value to the community. Workers and family are becoming more recognized for the social benefits of vacation not only by the experts also by the holiday-taking public themselves who has essential part of modern living. Passengers in pre-war years no longer apply the transport theories and practice because of the demand for travel and holiday is far from
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