Role Of Theatre In Theatre

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Thesis statement

The aims and intentions of this essay is to discuss and evaluate the ways of how social change exists in applied theatre in non-traditional settings, as well as the educational, social and therapeutic mission of this change. We will do this discussion by under-taking an evaluation of theatre companies such as Crag Rats and organizations which work under Open Clasp theatre, Forum and Reminiscence theatre.

Theatre for social change is a non-traditional theatre developed in marginalized communities and it can be different in the area of scripting and polished improvisation. It can be applied across many cultures and tradition over time and people use the stage as a space and place to tell their stories and their lives-express concerns. It is called applied theatre because it can be applicable in non-traditional settings such us popular and documentary theatre, theatre in education, theatre of the oppressed, theatre for health education, theatre for development, prison theatre, community based-theatre, museum theatre and reminiscence theatre. The aim and purpose of applied theatre is to create a practice
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This theatre is, a form of participatory arts and is, at base, theatre as democratic political forum. Each project is stimulated by a specific community’s experience of dis-empowerment and struggle, and the desire for creative solutions and capacity-building through egalitarian means. Forum theatre is designed to achieve this by, first, developing a conventional play that reflects the community’s lived experience of a chosen issue and culminates in unresolved crisis within that context. This play is then presented to the broader public in a participatory format such that the knowledge, aspirations and capacities of this public may be brought to bear on the exploration of viable solutions on the
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