Role Of Supply Chain Management Of Nestle

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Nestle is one of the largest organization, effectively working all over the world and provided food and beverage product to the customers. For effective and smoothly running business and organization operations, it is necessary to have excellent command on each section of the system. Supply chain management is one of the most important departments that help in delivering the products from manufacturing sector to the end user. It refers to the process or function in such manner that satisfied the customer order. It includes all the standards, such as: quantity, quality, time, accurate documentation and also consider the cost sales expense as well (Klapper, Hamblin, Novak and Vivar, 1999).
Nestle is not only supplying their product domestically but also export their products more than 50 countries. International supplier theory and exporting strategic developed globally supply of product to the end user. It is essential to pay special consideration of following section in supply chain management
 International supplier
 Managing international suppliers
 Exporting
The paper give consideration on nestle supply chain management functions and state recommendations for improvement and its implementations domestic and international business. Further identify the elements that play substantial important role in developing supply chain management.
The steps included in the procedure to improve the supply chain management were as follow:
1. Weekly and monthly spreadsheet for updating and working flow inflammation.
It helps in developing coordination among different departments and along with inflow of information without any hurdle, weekly and monthly spreadsheet updated information keeps employees on track.
2. Manag...

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