Role Of Student Affairs Essay

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The profession of student affairs is boasts a specific focus on other people, particularly students in the college environment. In this field, professionals cannot be selfish. More than any other functional area of higher education, our students are given the opportunity and ability to grow I many different areas of their lives, not just academically. In light of this field’s overarching goal of positive, whole student development and facilitation, I am dedicated to positive, beneficial, meaningful interactions with other students and faculty and staff I may encounter professionally. Even though the responsibility of personal growth largely belongs to the students themselves, I am obliged and excited to make sure that at least they have the opportunity to grow and develop. This includes growth in their personal identities, their spirituality, interests and…show more content…
As stated in The Student Personnel Point of View (1949), the responsibility of student growth belongs to the student him/herself, but as a student affairs professional, it is my responsibility to make sure the student has the opportunity to grow and develop, whether
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