Role Of Social Media In Customer Engagement

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The role of social media networks in customer engagement. Today, the companies are looking for best strategies to increase sales so customer engagement becomes important because fully engaged the customers spend more on each purchases. Customer Engagement is processes, technology and tools to enable an organization to attract and influence behaviours of customer effectively. In other words, it is developing customer’s relationship with companies. They are lot of strategies in customer engagement such as create positive shopping experiences, always follow up and use social media networks. Basic knowledge that companies need to consider before make a plan for engage the customer is human behaviours. Customer’s behaviours have two parts. These…show more content…
It is one role of social media in customer engagement. For example, post the products with quotes and funny sentence that it makes the customer laugh and they will look forward to a new post. Another example is some companies using twitter to talk with the customer, as Cap’n Crunch was quick to respond, drawing even more followers to a potentially negative attack and launching a fleet of “re-tweets” which means repost a sentence, favorites and new follower. It emerges that the products become known. To truly engage customers with social media, the conversation needs to be about and include…show more content…
Also, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are able to use social media in customer engagement because capital costs are cheaper than any events for promoting the product. One reason for using Facebook page is interactive. People who are a fan page are able to post photos, texts and videos in wall page. So some companies launch campaign about favorite photos. Fan page posts photo on the wall. If these photos are high rank of hit like, the owner of that photo will get a prize. What is more, companies are using Facebook page to communicate with follower. If companies make good conversations with follower continuingly, it makes people or fan page feel comfortable to comment. Thus, they will be familiar with the companies. Second is “rich information” which means the ability to provide information. The companies can provide public information about the product or service easily. And they can add photo or video clip and links, which is part of the information that may be contained within product or companies on blog or page and also, Fan page can also provide further information or inquiries. Third is “viral marketing” means being able to tell. It is the most important of the Social Network on the Fan marketing activities. For example, companies create activities after that fan page share the news via Facebook, hit like button, press the Fan people to express their
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