Role Of Revenge In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein or the modern prometheus and is a novel with a theme of revenge where it has an effect on the family and victor’s loved ones. when victor frankenstein was young he created a monster and he saw how he looked he was disgusted with it. He did not take any of the responsibility of being the creator of a monster so he just basically thought he could forget it and continue on with his life like nothing happened. when victor does that he leaves the monster confused and angry that his own creator didn't even want to take care of him. With that being the case there is a lot of revenge throughout the novel. When the monster is in his hovel and he has some of victor’s papers and it described victor’s every step and gets upset when he says…show more content…
“i bent over and placed the portrait in her folds of the dress” (shelley 62) when the creature does convince victor for him too have a companion and he starts working victor regrets it and stops the progress he makes and destroys it and that gets the monster mad and says he will pay for that that the creature will be with him on his wedding night “”but remember i shall be with you on your wedding night” (shelley 74) victor then on his way back he later finds out that his best friend has been murdered right after he left the monster “the lifeless form of henry clerval stretched before me” (shelley 78) so after him breaking the promise his best friend is murdered. finally victor goes home after being proved innocent and gets married to elizabeth but on the wedding night the monster kept it’s promise of being there and killed elizabeth. “she was there lifeless and inanimate thrown across the bed” (shelley 87) so with all those killings he has experienced happened to his loved ones he has set his sight on hunting down the creature well they are in the arctic and he finds robert walton and he makes him promise him to kill the monster if he doesn’t get the chance to “swear to me walton that he shall not escape and you will satisfy my vengeance in his death” At the end they both end up dying because they wanted revenge on each other for one’s
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