Role Of Religion In Society

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Religion in the society by sociological perspective. Religion is defined as a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny, in other words it is an institution to express belief in a divine power. Religion has been part of society foundation since the beginning of human presence. It has been the dominant part of other institution as well and have had an intense effect on the choices taken by other institutions. It is clear that Religion influence has extended widely through society. (Macionis). The aim of sociologist is to understand the function of religion in the society, the inequality and other problems it can alter and prevail, also the role it plays in our daily lives. Sociologist are not attempting to confirm to the truth of the religion institutions, merely examining how institution such as religions influences on individuals in society. In a functionalist point of view, the institution religion gives humanity a moral compass and a place to belong and reinforces social norms (Emile Durkheim). Places of worship…show more content…
As it is known that religion begin since human existence so was the start of conflict in the world. Today, conflict still happen in the society due to religion. For example, News reports going back since the 1990s indicate a final problem that religion can cause, is sexual abuse, at least in the Catholic Church. As you certainly have heard, an unknown number of children were sexually abused by Catholic priests and deacons in the United States and other nations (Terry & Smith, 2006). In the year 2003, in the Catholic Church of Punta Gorda there was one incident of sexual assault that occur and was left unsolved. This is where these problems of religion rise to social conflict because they are not reported for law enforcement to make a clear stop to the
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