Role Of Relationships In The Life Of Pi

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Pi’s Relationships Piscine Molitor Patel creates great relationships with everyone that he meets. He is never shy when meeting new people and is always up for opportunities that happen to come his way. When I think about what Pi has taught us throughout this book, his relationships are what we all strive to have. One of his most important relationships in this novel is with his father’s friend Mamaji. You can tell that they were close in Pi’s younger years because they had a strong emotional connection that nobody else in his the family possessed. Mamaji was very important in his life because, ‘Mamaji had to wait until I came into the picture to find a willing disciple. The day I came of swimming age, which, to Mother's distress, Mamaji claimed…show more content…
He chose to bond with the animals, not only to observe them. When Pi went to work with his dad, he didn’t see it as something drab and boring. He went to learn from all of the animals by observing their behavior toward each other. When people who are not around animals very often look at animals they don’t see the way they act as Pi would. In a way these animals are likes Pi’s friends, he talks to them and does not find this behavior strange. From this we learn, ‘Human beings use their linguistic resources to produce new expressions and sentences. They arrange and rearrange phonemes, morphemes, words, and phrases in a way that can express an infinite number of ideas. This is also called the open-endedness of language. Animal communication is a closed system. It cannot produce new signals to communicate novel events or experiences.’ (Owlcation p.7) In other words, although we may communicate in different ways we can still relate on the same intellectual level. For instance, if you go to the zoo and see someone speaking to the animals like they are humans, you can infer that they do not understand each other by the words, but the comprehension of body language, tonal inflection, mannerisms, etc. The person is not crazy for thinking that the animals might understand them. Their brain’s recognize this as communication, even though they do not understand the

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