Role Of Packaging In Cosmetic Packaging

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Packaging plays a great role in the branding of cosmetics products. The overall look of a cosmetic product is one of the most important determinants of it market appeal, besides its quality. Cosmetic packaging should be easy to brand. It should allow the name for the product, the brand and other necessary information like composition, usage instruction and warnings to be printed as required. The container should be designed in such a way that they can allow the product to come out but not go in. this is to prevent the contamination. Almost all cosmetic products have a seal or a component which is broken when they are opened for the first time. This ensures that the product is brand new and hasn’t been tampered. The four main aspects that matter…show more content…
• The packaging must have a suitable size, thus rubber may present problems if it perishes
• The material must protect from light i.e. it must be ultraviolet absorbent
• The container must not absorb substances from product. E.g. absorption of water from creams into cardboard

Chemical Properties
• The container and the closures should not react together, either alone or in the presence of the product. This can occur with certain combination of dissimilar materials
• The product should not react with the container or the closure, as might happen if alkaline substances are placed in aluminium containers
• Substances should not be extracted from the product, such as the loss of bactericides from glass, plasticizers from plastic etc.

Biological Properties
• The material of the container must be able to withstand attack by insects if this hazard is likely to be encountered
• The packaging should not support mould growth. The risk is greatest with cellulosic substance and if the use of such materials is unavoidable, the attack may be minimized by
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To meet regulations, raw materials and bulk products and other cosmetics products under go vigorous testing for quality control, risk assessments and auditing. To ensure the products are safe and merchandisable.
Ingredients list should be clear on the product, specifying the main active ingredient and the product constitutes and their chemical names. The list should be clear and readable. The system used to name the ingredients is called INCI naming system.
Expiry date must be clearly stated on the product to ensure safe use, which indicated the shelf life of a product.
Batch production is a technique used in manufacturing, in which the object in question is created stage by stage over a series of workstations, and different batches of products are made.
Containers: containers are used for storage or holding materials and there are different types of containers used to store different cosmetics. It depends upon products’ volume, weight and viscosity and solubility. It can be anything to store or transport the chemical ranging from different sizes mostly airtight e.g. bottles, cans, cartons, boxes, jars and barrels. Then it also includes crates, big wooden boxes, and large