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Bachelor Nurse Role Transitioning from the role of a registered nurse to that of a BSN nurse requires little change is the overall nursing scope of practice. However, it more clearly prompts a change in how one applies and implements the Knowledge (K), Skills (S), and Attitudes (A) reflective of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) competencies. Aimed at preparing nurses to have the necessary KSAs needed to help improve the quality and safety of healthcare, the competencies of patient centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence based practice (EBP), quality improvement (QI) and informatics where generated to develop these nursing traits.
For every competency, there are corresponding KSAs that guide the learner to
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However, one’s attitude towards incorporating and utilizing nursing standards in their practice is essential in determining its success or failure. Having an attitude of acceptance and valuing new ideas is something that I am beginning to acquire in my nursing practice. My positively changing attitude is applied to the leadership standard of nursing. Functioning effectively within a multi-faceted team requires open communication, shared decision making, and mutual respect. I am learning to have better leadership attitudes as it relates to appreciating the importance of collaboration between the multi-disciplinary medical team, respecting the unique qualities of each member, and acknowledging my own contributions to the effectiveness or dysfunction of the team. As discussed in the skills section of leadership, the BSN nurse will have greater influence in helping to convey appropriate attitudes to nursing standards as they are more often in positions of management and leadership…show more content…
To stay current in your practice as it relates to ever-changing treatments and best practices policies, continuing medical education is essential to maintain not only one’s personal nursing practice, but help further the nursing profession. Although nursing’s standards of practice aim at improving nursing, I feel that the standard of evidence based practice and research is the most essential. Nursing requires that we be lifelong learners to provide the most relevant and safe patient care capable of every nurse. Having access to the most current treatments, medicines, and policies that are proven through research and implementation is paramount to the advancement of our nursing care. Continuing to teach old curriculums and perform outdated procedures and treatments compromises patient care and safety. Therefore, one must strive to stay current with medicine though literature, lectures, and product information for the duration of ones’ nursing
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