Role Of Men In The Wife Of Bath

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When we think about a modern feminist society we often don’t think about a time when women used men to get what we wanted. Men have always used women to satisfy their desires and needs. However, since Wife of Bath 's story from the Canterbury Tales, we see that women have used men in the same way since. In this essay I will argue that when a woman uses a man, it is the same as when he uses her. Sometimes what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander, or is it? In our modern society, it seems that women are looked down on more and more. The more the female tries, the worse it seems to be for her. Women are raised to believe they can have ambition, but no too much or she is considered to be a threat to men. It is as if the female…show more content…
The man does not always get a say, and when he does, he has to know he is making the right choice. Just like in the Wife of Bath tale. The knight had no idea what to choose and after what he learned he knew to take the old woman how would be faithful. If you give a man a choice he will often choose wrong. If you show a man what he choices are he will often make the right choice. Just as in the tale the Knight did not want to marry an old woman, but he wanted a faithful woman after learning that is all women want in return. Showing a man what he does to a woman may often change his course of desire. Deep down, we all want someone who is going to be faithful back to us, and for a man to see what it feels like is what the modern male needs to see. Throughout history, in literature you have seen that the man is always seen in the highest regard. When he cheats on a woman or treats he badly he is not looked at badly. When a woman does it, she is seen as untrustworthy and a whore. In the Wife of Bath you see two stories of a woman using a man for money, and for power. The power you see in the tale is that one woman can hold over the modern
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