Role Of Marriage In Love Marriage Essay

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MARRIAGE ON THE MOVE India is a land of customs and traditions, and marriage, here in India, is considered as one of the pious process that one has to go through in life. Marriage is the most sanctified, sacred and blessed entente between two individuals established on the pillar of mutual understanding and love. India is a country which encompasses various regions believing in many different practices, and hence different terrain has a set of various rituals of marriage that entrusts a special meaning to the togetherness. Here in India, marriages are marked as an event where one ostentatiously have lavish spending on food, decorations, ornamentation and arrangements. It is marked as an event where the whole family comes together to relish the celebration with grandeur and magnificence. It is generally a reconstruction of social relationship. Hindu Law marks marriage as a holy union of two individuals. Primarily, there are two concepts of marriages i.e. arrange marriage and love marriage. Arrange marriage is substantially appreciated by the family unlike love marriage, where acceptance is still miles…show more content…
There are various sightings in many temples where it is seen that women were given the utmost respect in the society, and were considered as good omen for development and well-being. There are various stories from the ancient Hindu mythology which depicts various Hindu goddesses being worshipped. Right from the ancient times, Hindu Goddess “Lakhsmi” is being worshipped and is marked as an epitome of wealth, luxury and love. Right from the past to today’s world, the scenario has visibly changed. Women’s living in the society amongst the so called men has changed drastically. From being forced into domestic violence to being sexually assaulted and harassed to be forcefully dependent, women in many regions are deprived of the basic human behaviour they should

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