Role Of Leadership In Innovation Management

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Auburn University ‘Role of Leadership in Innovation Management’ Graduate Student Paper-MGMT 6560-Leadership Prashant Malyala 4-21-2014 Introduction: This paper talks about the role of leadership in managing technological innovation. The topic of innovation management is briefly explained with emphasis on the potential of an innovation and the strategic innovation process. Prior to analyzing the role of leadership in innovation management it is important to understand the role of technological trends and innovation strategy. Innovation Management requires a certain different human side of management especially from a leadership standpoint. Innovation Management, simply put is the art of managing innovation across multi-disciplinary fields of study. I believe that from a leadership standpoint it allows one to develop capabilities for leading innovation and leveraging skill sets from different fields of technical expertise. After briefly introducing the concept of Innovation Management and the various models of innovation, this paper moves on to talk about managing different innovative groups and project teams. This is followed by the discussion of leadership of technical professionals from various domains in innovative groups. The discussion is substantiated by academic research taken from various sources cited at the end of this document. The discussion has strong emphasis on managing the creativity in high performing technical teams and the role of leadership in motivating and maintaining an organization structure. It is supplemented with the analysis of the leadership style of two individuals working in innovative groups and leading high performing engineering projects. The leadership analysis is related back to concepts ... ... middle of paper ... ...provide incentives for excellence in a method where information will flow in the shortest possible time to the right targets for decision making. The leadership plays a crucial role in motivating people to extend and apply themselves in a non-traditional organization structure which will be discussed later on in this report. Leadership is also responsible in adopting what this case study terms as three generic strategies to protect its profits. The first one is teaming up with others in order to maximize chances of gaining a dominant design. The second one is blocking in which the firm ensures that it prevents others from imitating its innovation by the use of patents and other legal binding constrains to do so. The third strategy known as the ‘run’ in which the firm frequently introduces new products, cannibalizing its own products before anyone else does.

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