Role Of International Personality In International Relations

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International personality relates to dispute resolution by different minds tackle the same problem. Bringing in many different points of view can make for a product of a new lenses to solve a problem. Having nations with different past experiences that could apply and have had levels of previous success that shows the most productive reasoning in the solution. Different international organization plays a key role in controlling the international personalities in disputes that may arise.
Trade relations often involve conflicting interests and end up in arguments that are not productive. Having outside opinions on the matter where, there is no bias, for example, if country A does not appreciate doing business with country B but country A is
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These organizations focus and act on disputes in their respected areas of focus. From legal procedures, accountability and laws, there are multiple different field that have international organizations assisting and working to resolve disputes. Many times, there is a dispute about an agreement between nations that is taken to the International Court of Justices to hear and decide a verdict on the dispute. These organizations can be essential in globalization and keeping nation’s economies moving. Without the mediation of each nations internal personality done by the international organizations, the world would have not and will not progress much further and wouldn’t have come to be the international relations and allies the nations have…show more content…
There are no current organizations out there that do the same type of work and the World Trade Organization is a large, successful body, that many countries are a part of. Without their work on trade settlements and disputes the world would not look, as it does today.

Human rights law and humanitarian law are applied in two different ways when talking about Nuclear weapons, genocide and extermination. First off, human rights are not taken into consideration when discussing Nuclear weapons, other than the part that they have massive negative effects on populations and are frowned upon, in regards to human rights. Nuclear weapons have consequences that violate human rights and humanitarian law and have serious punishment results with the world. However, when discussing genocide and extermination on an international law platform with a view from the human rights and humanitarian law standpoint, these rights and law are strictly enforced. When a nation commits genocide or extermination of its own people or especially people of a different nation, action is taken against them and their moral reputation in globalization is demolished in little time and requires a lengthy reputation
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