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The gods in Greek mythology played a significant role in the human lives. They were the strongest, the most fearsome, more troublesome but also the most compassionated figures. They were viewed as the most powerful beings on earth and nothing could stop them, aside from others Gods. Everything that happened on earth was a result the storms, thunders, floods, plague, diseases and drought caused by the gods. They also controlled positive things such as rain and prosperity. The Greeks had ultimate respect for the gods. They show their admiration by doing rituals including prayers, sacrifices and celebrations to devote to the gods that they feared and loved in order to live in peace in the story “Oedipus the king”. Oedipus was the King of Thebes,…show more content…
Oedipus trying to do the right thing he searched for the culprit to put an end to the curse. He questions a lot of his citizen’s, including Tiresias who was a blind prophet. Tiresias told Oedipus that he as the one that killed Laius. He was not happy with that news and he thought they were trying a skim to overthrown him. His wife Jocasta tells him not to believe in the prophecy, because they have been wrong in the past. Then she tells him about the prophecy, that King Laius was supposed to die at the hand of his son, where the three road meet, and she was supposed to sleep with her own son, but that did not happen. Oedipus end up finding out that he was the one that killed king Laius and bedded his mother Jocasta. When Jocasta realized that she had bedded his son, she takes her own life by hanging herself leaving Oedipus to find her hanging from a celling. He couldn’t take the pain end blinded himself by stabbing himself in the eye with a pair of pins, and exiles himself from Thebes. The Gods play a major role in dictating the future of Oedipus, even though he tries to fight his fate, and ends up doing the exact same thing that the oracles had already told him. There were several gods that impacted the story of Oedipus such as Zeus, Athena and Apollo who was the most…show more content…
He was the leader of the other gods and the ruler of Mount Olympus. Zeus was the son of Cronus, and his mother was the sister and wife of Cronus Rhea. Zeus was the last child of Cronus and Rhea, Cronus was warned that one of his sons would eventually overthrow him, and as a result he decided to swallow all of his children. To avoid that, Rhea sent Zeus to the Island of Create where he was raised while planning to kill his father. He killed his father by allowing Cronus to swallow him, while he had a potion that would cause Cronus to throw up his brothers Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia. Alongside his brothers, Zeus fought and become the supreme ruler of gods, he then rewarded his brothers by making Poseidon the God of the Seas. Poseidon was the god of sea, storms, earthquake and horses. He was also considered one of the most greedy, bad-tempered and moody amongst the gods. Zeus also rewarded Hades, by making him the God of the Underworld, also known as the world of dead. Zeus was much respected and known in the human world, for raging storms and striking with his fearsome lightning and bringing death when he was mad. “O lord of the stormcloud, you who twirl the lightning, Zeus, Father, thunder Death to nothing!” (Sophocles 1045) The people used to pray to Zeus in their difficult moments, because they believed that the gods might save them from their despair, one of which was

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