Role Of Fast Food In America

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American Health:The role of fast food in America
As the flower need the sun and carbon dioxide to survive, we the people need the food and oxygen our basic daily needs and it is the natural way to survive everyday but I do not means that we can eat anything to keep growing, the food we eats could help us to survive more or can kill us faster. The healthier we are, the longer we survived. From my own observations, the food fast food restaurant in United States is very fast growing company and these restaurants are very close to where the citizens lived the most. Have you ever wonder why fast restaurants are more in number than other food resturant, why the food that taste so good cost so cheaper? It is pretty sure that their goal is to provide
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Due to unhealthy fast foods, there are health issues occurring in United States such as: obesity, diabetes, and brain. The occurrence of these diseases is growing in the United States so changes in fast food menus are crucial to improve America 's’ health. The fast food company is obviously are responsible for those health issues that is spreading it United States and it will be wrong if someone blames the eater for eating it because fast food companies should have the details of menus, ingredients that are being used to makes the food. Customers seems to trust the fast food restaurant but keeping the consumers in dark is the way of them taking…show more content…
But that small amount of their money can lead them to pay more in the future because of their poor health issues. Schools, after school programs, summer camps, and fast food companies should offer nutritional information. Johnson stated, the treatment to control obesity has risen from $117 billion dollars in 2003 to $210 billion dollars now. Not all people are insured in the United States. People over 65 years old are getting Medicaid, and children are getting Medicare. However, many adults who are of working age are do not have health insurance. This rising cost of obesity is depressing people. No matter who will be suffering and who is suffering from obesity, it will be the nation lost; insurance companies have to pay the cost of treatment. Residents of the United States will continue to face obstacles, “If obesity continues to increase on its historical trajectory, more than 44 percent of Americans would be obese by 2030,” reported Johnson. Health is crucial for everyone and the treatment costs have been rising. If the obesity rate continues to grow as Johnson predicted, obese people would not be able to walk or work due to overweight, so they have high chances of being paralyzed. Therefore, it is important that fast food companies should provide healthier food for the public. 44 percent obesity means almost half of people living in the United
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