Role Of Communication In Communication

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Jane Simpson 59998
Communication in relation to Organisational Structure, Leadership and Management, Organisational Culture, Staff Motivation and Achievement of Organisational Goals
Communication plays a vital role in all aspects of any organization, it is essential that all employees of an organization are included in the communication process. This includes upper management right through to all employees within the organisational structure, communication is no less important in the Health service industry. To totally comprehend this there are a number of aspects to be looked at, aspects such as what is communication? Who communicates within the health service and what do they communicate? What role does the organisational structure play in
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Effective communication combines the use of active listening, touch, empathy and feedback, this can have an impact on not only the quality of care that is provided to the patients in the health care setting but also the job satisfaction for the nurses delivering that care. In relation to leadership and management, communication is a vital part of the role. In the health sector the quality of the organisational structure and its health leadership can have both an indirect and direct affect on the quality of care patients receive as well as playing an important role in supporting best practice as well as playing a central role in helping people achieve a common goal, this goal being providing the beat care possible to the…show more content…
2). It has been shown in previous research that when staff members are clear about what their roles and responsibilities, authority and their accountability are they have greater confidence in their own decisions. This also flows onto the aspect of communication, leadership and management and goals and culture within an
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