Role Of Betrayal In Killing Caesar

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981 words

Nevertheless, being a betrayer and a patriot are two totally different titles, so why are two different titles being put on the same person? Many people have gone back and forth arguing whether Brutus was a betrayer or a patriot in his decision of murdering Caesar. Some other people believe that Brutus murdering Caesar were actions of a true patriot. They thought his actions made him a savior of Rome. On the other hand there are people, like me, that believe Brutus' actions turned him into a betrayer. Betrayal definitely occurred when Brutus murdered Caesar, especially since Caesar thought so highly of Brutus and though of him as a noble, great friend. Consequently, when Brutus decided to murder Caesar along with the other conspirators, he believe he was saving Rome by doing so. He felt that is Caesar had been chosen as King to …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that betrayer and patriot are two different titles, so why are they put on the same person? some people believe brutus' actions made him a savior of rome.
  • Analyzes how brutus believed he was saving rome by murdering caesar along with the other conspirators. he felt that caesar's ruling would lead to rome’s downfall and turn it into ruins.
  • Explains that many believe that brutus' murder on caesar was the act of a patriot. he thought very highly of caesar and respected him very much.
  • Explains that betrayal is one of the most awful feelings a person can go through, but it takes an awful person to betray another. caesar had so much love, respect, and trust put into brutus.
  • Analyzes how brutus and the other conspirators felt proud of their actions of murdering caesar. they didn't even take the time to mourn caesar or feel any guilt whatsoever.
  • Opines that brutus' betrayal was what ultimately led to his death.

Betrayal is the exact emotion that Caesar was feeling in his last few moments alive after Brutus and the conspirators had stabbed him multiple times. Caesar had so much love, respect, and trust put into Brutus that he never believed he could do such a thing! There were many times where Caesar said how much he loved Brutus and that he believed he was the most noble man in Rome! Brutus decided to betray Caesar for his own benefit in my opinion! I think deep inside Brutus had some jealousy towards Caesar because he wanted the recognition everyone gave to him. Brutus decided to gruesomely murder Caesar with the other conspirators. They stabbed him over and over again until he died. If he really needed to murder him, he could have done it way less gruesomely with poison or something like that. After the fact of the murder, Brutus didnt even seem remorseful as he said, “Caesar, you can rest now. I didn't kill you half as willingly.” It doesn't sound as if he cares, meanwhile it sounds more like taunting and

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