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Artificial Intelligence and its threat to humanity The exhibition of intelligence by machines is known as artificial intelligence. In this era, machines have come a long way. They have been a part of our basic needs as well. People nowadays cannot survive without the advanced technology. One of the most advancing sectors in the present can be considered as Artificial intelligence. Whilst some believe that advancement in artificial intelligence is beneficial for the human beings, some people consider it as a step towards the apocalypse. From the age where science and technology could hardly ever be seen, we have now reached a point where machines are so vital that algorithms decide whether someone should get a job or not, whether someone can get into a college or not and even which location…show more content…
(Yudkowsky, 2016). The more advancement in artificial intelligence means the further replacement of humans with machines in workplaces resulting in a large-scale unemployment, which is not a socially desirable phenomenon. The destructive use of creative minds can be a result of people not having anything to do. With the artificial intelligence becoming rampant, humans will unnecessarily become dependent on the machines. In the wrong hands, artificial intelligence can be a serious threat and can lead to mass destruction. Also, machines superseding humans would be a thing people would constantly fear about. Artificial intelligence can undeniably help us conduct research with superhuman efficiency, to such an extent that ethics would be a cognitive pursuit and in the quality of moral thinking, they could easily surpass humans. (Bostrom, n.d.). However, having said this, everything created in this world, either it is collectively or individually, is the constant result of intelligence. Human intelligence is augmented and empowered by artificial intelligence. So, we would be successful in helping the human civilization as long as we

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