Role Of A Nurse Manager

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Nurse managers use several skills to lead caregiving organizations in producing positive patient outcomes. They oversee organizational finances, human resources management and participate in enterprise strategic planning. To fulfill patient and community medical needs, these professionals lead the individuals who heal the sick. As such, nurse managers are a mission critical resource for healthcare institutions.

The Role of the Nurse Manager

Nurse managers lead caregiving organizations in promoting positive patient and community outcomes. [1] Their work shapes the patient and employee experience. Managers are responsible for maintaining a professional and productive caregiving environment. They also make sure their organization delivers care
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They participate in organizational strategic planning initiatives and relay these objectives to their charges with clarity and resolution. Nurse managers also plan and implement emergency preparedness strategies and oversee OSHA compliance, worker injury management and safety education.

Skill 4: Leadership

Nurse managers oversee the employees that work together to provide patient care. [3] They decide which potential job candidates will help the organization produce the best outcomes for patients.

Managers transitioning from frontline nursing often face the challenge of tempering compassion with logic; they create a balance between building employee loyalty and advancing organizational objectives. To help manage this responsibility, entry-level nurse managers often pair with veteran managers to learn this skill. Mentors, such as these, help new nurse mangers when difficult and unfamiliar challenges arise.

Skill 5:
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To achieve this, nurse managers constantly monitor and evaluate organizational performance, while working to improve employee and patient safety and satisfaction.

Skill 6: Relationship Building

Nurse managers are proficient in communicating ideas and listening to others. [1] They are aware of how their personal values effect their personal view of the work environment.

Managers know how to encourage an open dialog among employees and coordinate the needs of various caregiving disciplines. By promoting a team atmosphere, nurse mangers build trust and respect among peers. When conflicts arise, these practices build the foundation necessary to bring individuals to a consensus and refocus on the task of healing the sick.

Skill 7: Diversity

Patients and employees come from many cultural backgrounds. Nurse managers understand these differences and encourage mutual respect among stakeholders. This improves the caregiving environment for patients and staff members and encourages networking with peers from other
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