Role Of A Doll's House

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The liberation of Nora from societies gender limitations socially and culturally. The play portrays women, as being inferior to men who themselves during this time are considered superior. Ibsen thoughts are that all should be alike and be able to stand up to society and form their own opinions and thoughts. Society has defined their roles and with these roles everyone must adhere to theses. Ibsen in this play portrays society’s standards for a female in a standard marriage and the insensitivity by men and gender considered normal at the time. The being from middle class and having the most of everything and yet nothing for the women shows how brutal and unforgiving life is; the inability for women to influence their situation for the better.
Nora a protagonist is materialistic and a very emotional person who uses daily these traits to manipulate those men around her to achieve her needs. Nora has been a doll like puppet
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Torvald is just a stymied by society being that his role is as a dominant provider and cannot alter his fate. The men are providers per societies set roles in having to take of the burden of the household; making them victims of their genders role in society. Dr. Rank is used as a character that is intertwined with the other characters by offering insight about them within the play. By Ibsen doing this he is allowing Dr. Rank help move the story along with all its twist and turns. Dr. Rank is portrayed as a piece of a symbol of the deteriorating backbone of society.
Nils Krogstad an antagonist in the play in an effort to regain his money and position at the bank resorts to the tactics of intimidation and blackmail against Nora. Eventually the tide turns and Nils again find his love and releases Nora from this grip of
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