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Billionaire, tycoon, philanthropist, rich, generous, and oil king of the world all describe John D. Rockefeller. Because of some of his achievements, we put an end to hookworm disease in the Southern United States, have the Univeristy of Chicago, and helped with World War I relief. Rockefeller’s charitable contributions did outweigh most of his ruthless business tactics. His upbringing and early career, his career with Standard Oil and the public outcry, and his philanthropic ways all influenced him in his life. The things that led him to the man we hear about today can be found in his upbringing and early career.
Rockefeller was second child in a working class family. This is not necessarily what we would call being well off. His father did not enjoy working, and would spend his time trying to get around it. In spite of this, Rockefeller earned some money as a child by raising turkeys. He earned fifty dollars. This would amount to $1,515 today. Sometime after that, his neighbor asked to borrow the money, but not without a $3.50 interest of course! He learned that money can be made to earn more money. Another influential moment as a child was when he and his brothers went skating on a frozen river, but they were told not to do that. While they were out there, they saved a boy who had fallen through the ice. When they came home, their mother praised them for their bravery, but then whipped them for their disobedience. From this experience, Rockefeller learned that every action has a reaction, and that nothing is without consequences.
In 1853, the Rockefeller family moved to Strongsville, Ohio. Two years after this move, his father pressured him to drop out of highschool and enter a professional school. As we know...

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...ill live through what happens next. The question I was given to answer mentioned ‘charitable ways’. Think back to Lincoln’s second inaugural, we learned that the real meaning of being charitable was to have a universal love for humanity. I believe that Rockefeller did love humanity. He did not just donate to be called charitable; he did it out of the goodness of his heart, and we should all strive to do that. Rockefeller said, “I believe it is everyman’s religious duty to get all he can honestly and give all he can.” He wanted to gain so much do then he could give it all back to things and ideas that were in need. Rockefeller did this, but not as honestly as some of us would do. We must strive to get all we can honestly and give all we can in this game of life. The only difference is that we must all do this in our own definition of honesty, and succeed.
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