Rock and Roll Music

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Rock and Roll Music Rock and roll is a form of popular music that evolved in the 1950’s from rhythm and blues, characterized by the use of electric guitars, a strong rhythm with an accent on the off beat, and youth oriented lyrics. As we all know, rock and roll music is a form of entertainment, however it is not the same kind of entertainment as reading a book or playing a sport. Rock and roll music is not opera and it is not dance. It is it’s own form of entertainment. There are many slang terms used for rock and roll music. A few examples of these are heavy metal or death metal. People even go as far as saying that it is satanic music. Granted, some of it is, but the people who stereotype the music do not know that. People may use this slang because they have a lack of understanding for that type of music. To them, they may just hear an extremely loud “racket”, however, to others that “racket” is a true form of art. Many people make a living off of this form of art by developing, producing, and eventually playing it. It takes very talented people to make rock and roll happen. There are many steps that you have to go about to make rock and roll. First, you have to write lyrics to songs, then find a producer and musicians to play the piece. A popular stereotype or image of rock and roll is that all that it represents is drugs and death. Sure, there are examples of this in rock and roll, but it is more than that. Some people hear rock and roll and they hear a disturbing noise which send the message to their brain saying kill and abuse drugs. On the other hand, people who enjoy rock and roll can listen or see something and that thought appears in their head. In a figurative way of speaking, that is an image of rock and roll. Rock and roll is like a person putting all of their efforts into explaining their emotions and experiences. At the same time, they have to try to put it all together, and form a rhythm and combine that to achieve their goal, which is to come up with a song.
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