Rock and Roll

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Sex, drugs, and Rock and Roll. Those were the staples of life in the early sixties. Rock was still a little fledgling genre of music, but it caught on quickly and went on to become one of the biggest music genres of all time. Be it the British Invasion, Woodstock, Motown, or another big event, you can be sure that many of the fans were gathered to see their favorite singers perform. It brought many people together, and even tore some apart. No matter which way you saw it, it was an undeniable fact: Rock and Roll was big. John Starr, Xavier Silverstone, Jacob Starr, and Max Hilroy were all just teens trying to make it through those times. They struggled making money on their own, but when they found each other they were a team that couldn't be stopped. Meet Flash: The band that would rock you into a coma. Chapter 1: In the Beginning “No mom, I did not see John after school. He's probably with the others.” Jacob said irritated. This was a common occurrence in the Starr household. Everyday Jacob would come home from school and get the third degree from his mother. Jacob's brown eyes focused on his mother's face as she stared as him. It was as if she was waiting for his facial expression to give off any indication that he was telling a lie. When she saw it was a wasted effort, she turned back to the stove. As she cooked dinner for the kids she sighed heavily and fumbled with the radio to try and switch it from Led Zepplin, to something more calming. It was all that played on the radio nowadays. Nothing good could come from this, “Rock and Roll.” “I honestly don't know what I am going to do with that boy. He is always running off with those friends of his. No wonder he gets into so much trouble. Those kids are a bad influence... ... middle of paper ... ... took a step back to avoid the hand of his mother. As she tried to slap him again, John caught his mother's arm in his grip. “I was with the guys, mom! Jesus, don't act like this!” He said almost as loudly. “Hey John, you should come with us. We are starting a band. We're in need of a wicked drummer. You in?” John took a drag from the cigarette he had in his mouth and turned his head to his friends. Xavier and Max eager eyes. John contemplated the offer for a moment, before flicking ash off the end of his cigarette and nodding. “Alright! Let's get to my house. We'll have a great session.” Xavier said pumping his fist in the air. “That's bullshit! You know you have to be home by six! What the hell kept you?” His mom said wrenching her arm from his hold. “We were doing band practice! For fuck's sake, mom. I was four hours late! It's not the end of the world!

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