Rock & Roll: The Rise Of Rock And Roll Music

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At the beginning of the 1950s, a new form of music began causing public ripples, exciting an expanding teenage audience while worrying many others who preferred smoother, and more calmer music, this new music form would come to be known as "Rock & Roll". Rock & Roll music was created from a combination of electric blues, country and gospel music. Some people say that the rise of Rock and Roll was in a way related to the civil-rights movement, which occurred during the same time period. Teenagers fell in love with "Rock & Roll" becoming an instant hit, listening to it on radios they started buying it in record stores. Rock & Roll music expressed themes such as love and freedom from the oppression ,and boring life of middle-class society.…show more content…
Elivs brought a new generation of rock ,and changed the way that rock music would be played, playing for large crowds of not just teen fans ,but more mature fans. In April of 1956 Elvis Presley tops the Pop Charts with his first ever album release of "Heartbreak Hotel". By 1957, Rock and Roll artist show up frequently on the music charts and by 1959, Rock and Roll records account for 43% of all records sold. For big record labels, Elvis’ success was marketed for the potential of teenage idols not only did Rock and Roll encourage a feeling of rebellion, Rock and Roll also began tearing down racial barriers in popular culture, as white teens listened to African American musicians such as Chuck Berry and Little Richard. The death of rock and roll stars Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens in 1959 inspired the now well-known song "American Pie" by Doc McLean. In the sixties rock music started to become popular ,and really started dominating the popular music…show more content…
The music industry had made a recovery from its economic decline by the creation of a new technology in the 1980s known as, "digital recording". Vinyl records were started to get replaced by compact disc or (CDs), a technological revolution that had a conservative effect. MTV (Music Television) was launched on 300 U.S. cable TVs in 1981. The popularity of music videos were used as a marketing tool ,and were very important in the creation of new bands and new music styles into the mainstream media. The creation of synthpop, rap and hip hop was becoming more known in the mainstream media. Rock, had become, both a way of making money ,and making music. This had caused a couple problems that were unknown until the 1980s. First, musical tension started rising between the mainstream and the musicians, which had originally caused rock and roll popularity, was now used for making money ,and profits. In 1985, the television was present covering different live events including some charity concerts taking place around the country. This created the opportunity to show this music around the globe, not only did this show the rock establishment and its variety of musical artist ,but also made the television a marketing potential. The 80s, was becoming a way more different time than the 1950s ,and the 1960s

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