Rock Revolution

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Eyes closed, the feeling of power, defiance, and adrenaline all compact inside the mind as the guitar solo rings through. The familiar sensation is that of rock music, the kind of music that brings justice from doing wrong. It’s revolutionized throughout the years, giving birth to various breeds that have planted their mark onto this world. Such rock contractions include classic rock and alternative rock. There has been plenty debate on whether classic rock is actually a genre or just a time period of music. The same goes for alternative rock and music alike. However, whether classified as a genre or time period, both have reached success in their individual time periods. Classic rock and alternative rock are distinct though both endured controversy and obtained success due to their origin, musical tone, and common themes. Although classic rock and alternative originated in different eras, their birth was a result of musical revolution. The birth of classic rock was in the late 1950s to early 1960s, in which bands attempted to create new sounds apart from the common jazz music and rockabilly. Artists and bands were influenced by rock ‘n’ roll that was so popular in the 1950s. Artists like Buddy Holly, a famous rockabilly musician, and Elvis Presley, known as the king of rock n roll, were two of the greatest influences for classic rock artists. In fact, the controversy that appeared on stage of several of these artists, were what sparked what was known as “the teenage rebellion” in the 1950s, which contributed greatly in innovating rock music, resulting in classic rock in the 1960s. In contrast, alternative rock emerged in the 1980s. Its birth was said to have been a cause of rebellion against the usual images and sounds of artis... ... middle of paper ... ... come. Classic rock musicians influenced alternative rock musicians and several more today. Likewise, alternative rock musicians have inspired fresh rock bands. All in all, the beauty and magic that lies in either rock genres is based on their acceptingly controversial tones, influenced rise to esteem, and universal themes. Of course, when listening to any rock music in general, no one pays attention to these complex aspects. Instead they hear, see, and feel what they want to, whether it be a “Purple Haze” state of mind, a “Territorial Pissings” mood, or an “All You Need is Love” perspective. Rock has revolutionized and continues to do so, yet, it’s found a way to remain the same in the hearts of fans. Works Cited
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