Rock Climbing

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Inhale, exhale. Deep, cleansing breaths that rush through his body like a calming storm. He feels his heart thudding tirelessly against his chest, pressing against his ribs, and rising into his ears. He dips his hands into the soft white powder, rubbing it between his fingers, feeling each grain of chalk disintegrate with the applied pressure and mold into his skin. He reaches out and grabs the rough, sandpaper-like plastic rocks. He feels the coarse texture dig into his skin as he lifts himself onto the wall. Suddenly, the world around him melts away, and he is alone in space and time. He floats up the wall, each body movement effortless and graceful, yet at the same time powerful and strong. Like a ballerina, he dances higher and higher, with each movement feeling the surge of his strength swelling through his body. He is aware of every minute muscle as they tense and relax in rhythm with his motion. He goes until he can go no further. The road ahead of him is cut off, and yet it still lays impossibly unfinished. It leaves him wanting more. He feels a burning desire to ascend higher, and push his limits as he laughs in gravity’s awestruck face. This is climbing. It is a feeling, a physics defying feat and a realization of inner and outer strength.

When most people hear the word climbing they automatically think, “oh, to go up.” As much as this broad, uniformed statement is technically correct, it is only true as far as the act of climbing. By the “act,” of climbing it is literally meant only the actual physical motion of moving in a generally upward direction. This can be applied to many different things, for example to climb a flight of stairs, or to climb a tree. Even simply climbing a ladder, or referring to a long trip...

... middle of paper ... limits. But the issue with that is that climbing has no limits. The boundaries of what are capable with climbing do not exist, for people have set such boundaries in the past, and they continue to be shattered. Climbing cannot be confined by the words that make up a definition. Climbing came to life by breaching the perception of what the human body is capable of, so when as sport is born by shattering definitions, it never can be constricted by one. Rock climbing is indefinable.

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