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A Marketing Plan to Retain Rochester’s Youth Rochester’s 18-28 year old population has been leaving this city in mass amounts. This is common knowledge, and our plan is targeted towards the target audience in efforts to keep them here for a longer duration of time. We feel that there are several beautiful attractions that make up the Greater Rochester Area of which this target audience is unaware. This marketing plan aims to get this market out into the suburbs and city of Rochester to see the diversity and unique options that our area provides. This will alleviate the negative stigma held by the 18-28 demographic by bringing to their attention the ample business and recreational opportunities available. We seek to build a stronger sense of community through interactions with businesses, local marketing campaigns, and more effective communication with this demographic. With our creative and influential ideas we intend to retain Rochester’s young adults so that the city will flourish with a new generation of hope. 1. Current Situation page 2 2. Target Audience 3 3. SWOT 5 4. Trends 6 5. Benchmark Cities 7 6. Evidence 9 7. Marketing Objectives and Goals &... ... middle of paper ... ...nbsp; $97,470 $126,080 $146,102 Mass Transit 10.50% 36.70% 3.30% 1.80% 2.80% Bike/Walk 9.00% 11.10% 4.10% 4.60% 5.70% Sunny Days 170 207 171 217 213 Source: Works Cited NYSDOL- Mills, James Edward. “Magnet Aims To Keep Young Professionals In Madison.” Wisconsin State Journal, July 2004.

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