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Introduction Robotics Robotics is a very fascinating field that allows machines to get work done under very minimal human control. It is a field that is evolving fast and is finding many applications in nearly all the disciplines that require use of technology. The advantages attached to the use of robotics are unparalleled and many. For example, use of robots has been very helpful in reducing human inefficiencies in production lines. The accuracy introduced by use of robots is not only recommendable, but also is of high degree and this has gone along into both increasing and improving production (Kozłowski, 2012). This gives consistence in production lines. Safety measures have also been highly boosted especially in those areas that posed great risks for man to operate. Generally, the advantages are limitless and perhaps this is why man continues to invest a lot on robotic technologies. However, this report focuses on the aspect of autonomous vehicles control. Transportation is an important part of human life and its use is being integrated in production using robotics technology (Guillet, Lenain, Thuilot & Martinet, 2014). Description of the Topic and the Problem being addressed As had been mentioned earlier, robotics technology is being used in all aspects of life. The latest technology has been incorporating robotics in ferrying of good and materials within an organization. In this regard, there has been development of autonomous automobiles to do the work of transportation (Dierks, 2009). It is important to note here that though these vehicles are autonomous, they need to be controlled. Control of a single vehicle is not a big problem because this has been achieved in military robotic application (Kozłowski, 2012). The ... ... middle of paper ... ... for robust systems to withstand the effects without changing the workings of the robot. These dynamics include mechanical properties, ground terrains and different speeds of the robot (Ou, Du & Li, 2014). Counterbalancing the effects of these factors is only guaranteed by formulation control. Many services are using robots. Transportation systems both in the road and off the road are using formulation controlled robots to do their work (Dierks, 2009). In farms, farmers are making use of lightly formulation controlled robotic systems to ferry around things from and to the farm. This is very handy in environmental conservation because instead of using many tractors that emit green house gases, you only use a single tractor that controls the other smaller tractors. This ensures that production is maintained or improved but the hazard effect on the environment reduced.

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