Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

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While the book, Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, is exciting and enjoyable to read during a raining day, there are a few peculiarities that spring into mind when reading the book. These peculiarities cast doubt on the reality of the book and a question comes to mind; could this have really happened? Some say that, because of the in-depth descriptions in the book, that it is a true account. However, Swiss Family Robinson, a story of a shipwrecked family stranded on an island, includes many descriptions of their survival and everything they made, much like Robinson Crusoe. Yet, Swiss Family Robinson was fiction, written by a father for the educational benefit of his sons. The meat that didn’t spoil, the one footprint, and the quality of the things he made even though he lacked the knowledge and skill are just three examples of the usual events that took place in the book.
One of the interesting occurrences in the book happened when Robinson Crusoe put out some meat to dry in the sun. At first glance nothing comes to mind, but consider it. Wouldn’t the meat spoil in the sun from insec...
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