Robinson Crusoe and Isolation

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Robinson Crusoe When Robinson Crusoe gets shipwrecked and stranded on a desolate island “I am cast upon a horrible desolate island void of all hope of recovery” p.91, in the Caribbean he first considers it a place of captivity holding him back from his dreams and wishes like a prison, but when he is finally able to leave it some twenty-eight years later to return home to England he yearns to return back to the island. Why? You may ask yourself, read on and I will answer that question. Crusoe grows to enjoy being the ruler of his own world, he also becomes antisocial, and starts to enjoy being alone. When he returns home to England he finds no one waiting for him, and he feels lost. When Robinson Crusoe gets over the fact that he is probably going to have to stay on the island for a great deal of time, (until he is rescued, or until he dies) he starts building a fortress for shelter and protection from the elements. He plants wheat for food, and explores the island with his gun in hand to look for animals for meat, he also finds goats which he brings a few kids back to a coral that he made so that he can breed them. Crusoe enjoys being at centre stage, as when he has dinners with his parrot, dog, and two cats by his side, he presides over them “like a king.” This superior power over his pets foreshadows his later relationship toward his servant Friday, who was a cannibal that he saved and taught English to and became close to. One of the first words that he taught him was the word “master” witch Crusoe was to be called by. There were no second thoughts of Friday being an equal, he was definitely going to become a servant, who was inferior in rank, power, and respect. Crusoe likes being able to control his ow... ... middle of paper ... ... A man so isolated and lonely and so far away from “home” felt lost and empty, but because of his strong character and beliefs he managed to create his own little world of superiority, trust, power and respect. When he returns to England expecting family, friends and happiness, he only realizes that his island he thought of as a prison holding him back from the rest of the world would become his final desired resting place. It is very true that sometimes happiness is right under your nose you just have to look for it and try to make it work. The grass may seem greener on the other side, b7ut that’s not always the case. Crusoe learned this through his journey of events on the island. He grew in character, hope, faith and belief instead of growing in the material ways and found that happiness he was looking for, right under his feet the whole time.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how robinson crusoe is cast upon a desolate island void of all hope of recovery after being shipwrecked and stranded in the caribbean.
  • Analyzes how robinson crusoe builds a fortress for shelter and protection from the elements. his superior power over his pets foreshadows his later relationship with his servant, friday.
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