Robinson Crusoe a Story by Daniel Defoe

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Robinson Crusoe is a story written by Daniel Defoe in 1719. Although this novel is not well known many know the story from the modern movie “castaway”. The movie castaway premiered in 2000 and had the movie critics raving. Not all the talk about this modern movie was positive though. Many viewers really enjoyed this adventuress movie about a man being stranded on an island, others however were disappointed with the changes made to the movie from the original story Robinson Crusoe.

Robinson Crusoe is a story of a young man who decided to disobey his father’s wishes of being a lawyer and go to sea at only nineteen. After a long boisterous trip, the ship he is on becomes wrecked in a strong storm. Although this happens he still desires to be at sea so strongly he decided that he will set out to sea once again.

Once more his expedition ends in a catastrophe as the ship he is on is overtaken by pirates and Crusoe becomes enslaved. After two years of being enslaved Crusoe and another slave named Xury manage to escape to a ship headed to Brazil. After settling down and becoming successful with a tobacco plantation he decides to go get slaves from Africa to bring back to help him. But once again he is caught in a storm and becomes shipwrecked on an Island in which is later known as the island of despair.

Crusoe had managed to be the only survivor of this shipwreck and is left to fight on his own. Crusoe decides to go back to the ship wreck and gather useful supplies. He finds tools, food, ammunition, and other supplies. He finds an empty cave on the island which he uses as his home. He later makes a calendar by taking wood and making a cross and marking a notch in it for each day he is stranded. Using the supplies he fetched from th...

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...urning to see Kelly, the confess their love for one and other but realize a future together would be unmanageable due to her promise to her new family. Chuck and Kelly go their separate ways and Kelly gives Chuck the keys to the car they had once shared. Chuck buys a new volleyball and goes out to the country to return the unopened FedEx package to its sender. The house he arrives at is empty so Chuck places the package on the porch by the door along with a note stating that the package had helped to save his life. Chuck then leaves and while stopped at a crossroads down the road a woman driving by in a truck stops to tell Chuck where each road leads to. As she drives away, Chuck notices the picture on the back of her truck is the exact same as the one on the parcel. Chuck is left peering down every road and then in the direction of the woman leaving in the truck.