Robinson Crusoe Religion Essay

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“The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe” is an extremely religious novel. This narrative story, in some ways resembles the Puritan, Adam and Eve, and also “Cast Away”. Crusoe sins, ignores God’s signs, repents as a result of Gods mercy, and experiences excruciating salvation even though he refers to God, to Providence, and to sin in numerous ways. As his sinfulness is recognized, it is so that God can be glorified. The deeper his sinfulness reached, the higher God’s grace became. In this essay, I will compare the different aspects of religion between “The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe” and other sources of literature.
Crusoe’s conversation with his father about leaving home could have been understood from a religious perspective but his original sin was when he constantly kept mentioning leaving without his father’s approval. Not only does this sin go against his father but it goes against God as well. All Crusoe’s father ever wanted was for him to be a good, middle class guy but that just wasn’t enough. Robinson wanted nothing more than to travel the world by ship but he struggles against the power of both his father and God. He decides to disobey them both and go out to sea anyway.
The Puritan arrangement was when the father viewed as Gods representative because he rejected his father’s advice also. In some ways, Crusoe is even committing Adam and Eve’s wickedness of rebellion but as for Adam and Eve, disobedience develops out of impatience and dissatisfaction with the position God has assigned them. When Crusoe gets stranded on shore of that deserted island, he can’t help but see his circumstance as the contentment of his father’s prediction that if he ignored his advice, Crusoe would find he all alone with no source of assistanc...

... middle of paper ... father there for a while. Later on, they rescued Friday’s father and a Spaniard from a different group of cannibals that ended up coming to the island.
Crusoe and Friday planned on leaving the island. So in order to make this become reality, they built another boat. Ironically, their trip was postponed due to the savages coming back. They decided it was time they attacked because they knew the cannibals had two prisoners, one of which was white. The white man ended up being a Spaniard and the other was Friday’s father.
After Crusoe and Friday rescued the Spaniard and Friday’s father, the four of them planned to go to the mainland to rescue sixteen other crewmen from the Spaniards ship. However, they knew there wasn’t nearly enough food to support the extra people so they all agreed to wait on the island until they were capable of keeping the other men alive.
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