Robin Marantz Henig's Analysis

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In today’s world, many young people are growing up and are beginning their adult lives. Teenagers are graduating school and are moving onto finding their own paths in the world. Some go to school, begin working, chasing their careers and goals. But in a recent study, it seems as if some are slacking, and are taking longer to grow up. An author, by the name of Robin Marantz Henig writes on how “20-something” year olds are slowing down reaching certain milestones that many adults before them have reached at their age. Special milestones such as completing school, leaving home, becoming financially independent, settling down with a spouse and having children. The idea that many of today’s adults aren’t assessing these goals they way their elders have comes from a term created called “emerging…show more content…
The term comes from psychology professor Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, who has studied the traits of emerging adulthood traits of individuals in their 20s. Henig uses Arnett’s studies to explain the epidemic of these young
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