Robert Zimeckis' Contact and the Existence of God

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The world is a funny place. No one really understands everything that has happened, that is happening and that is about to come. In order to dictate how we came about we use theories to quench our curiosity. Theories come from everywhere for example religion gives us simple fairy tale like stories of our existence and science gives us more of a mathematical rational point of view. The problem is, how do we know which one is right and which one is wrong? The honest answer to that is that there is no answer. Neither theory is 100 percent verifiable; each theory has a lack of evidence. And yet to this day people are so caught up in what they believe that the planet has trouble advancing in the study of how we came to be and there is a constant conflict between science and religion. The movie Contact by Robert Zemeckis solves the age-old conflict between Science and religion through the hero myth. The movie demonstrates that if people were able to accept Religious and scientific worldviews we would be able to advance and find out how exactly we came about. This conflict between science and religion is well seen in the movie contact where the main character Elli has an opinionated atheistic worldview and where her companions throughout the movie share different worldviews such as agnosticism, materialsm and fundamentalism. But what is a worldview exactly? To me a worldview is simply the way we see everything in front of us: do we see things positively, do we believe god created earth, and do we believe in fairytales? When looking up the definition of worldview the phrase that hits the eye is “a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world.” A Christian worldview is that “an absolute god exists”. One person with a very pa... ... middle of paper ... ...e field of science believe in science, science involves facts, experiments and evidence. They do not believe in god because religion has no facts it has no evidence and experiments have not been conducted in order to prove the existence of god. Religious believers have been taught to believe and dedicate their life to god, if someone is to prove the non-existence of god they, in their mind they are not virtuous. Science and religion are in conflict solely because they oppose each other, they, are polar opposites. Science believes in facts and hates unreliable evidence whereas religion is all about faith and in believing in the word of god without proof. The conflict is there because no matter what the beliefs do not match up, one relies on faith whereas the other relies on facts. Now how is one with either view supposed to accept being either faithful or factual?

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