Robert Williams Lessons

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Lessons. Literature. May teach you things you may have never learned if you have never read this poem. The poem “Artist” by the famous poet Robert Williams conveys a special message to his poem by using some special techniques. I believe that this poem conveys a special message because the author uses imagery, characters, and emotion to tell his poem with his message in full detail. The poet uses Imagery greatly when describing his picture exhibition shop. The poet describing the setting paints a picture on the person’s mind of where the message of the poem will take place. When the character shivers and the author describes it in this poem his actions all lead up to the message. For example at the beginning of the poem the poets says “Above…show more content…
The emotion that the character presents in the poem puts together the plot or structure of this poem. This is a vital part of this poem because the characters own emotion is the one that changed the story. Which showed the message of the story. Man vs. Man. The poet nailed this vital part because of the details of how the character felt in reaction to the things around him. For example this line “The artist sensitively quivered, and stifled many a bitter sigh, But day by day his hopes were shivered, for no one ever sought to buy.” Shows that even though no one came to his store he had a negative mentality for hope that anybody would come to his store. On the contrast from this line of the poem “And then he had a brilliant notion: Half of his daubs he labeled: SOLD. And lo! He viewed with queer emotion, a public keen and far from cold.” Where the character is more positive and light-hearted and because of this change of emotion he has a brilliant idea which then sends the overall message of the poem. In conclusion, the poet uses imagery to describe the setting and the actions, character to show the action, and emotion behind the main character to bring out the plot, to convey the message. In my opinion the message of this poem is “Nothing succeeds, like success” another message that fits great with this story is “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again”. The poet really uses
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